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How I can see the prices?

You can request by email to

How do I access wholesale prices?

To access wholesale prices, at a discount of 30% on all our jewelry.
You must purchase our catalog in our shop or at least your first order must be 500.00 soles or 200.00 dollars, no minimum units.

Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes, to access wholesale discounts, the minimum amount of your purchase is 500.0 soles and minimum purchases for exports are $ 500.00 USD

Can I see the products in person?

Yes, to view our products you can visit us at our shop located at Jiron Huallaga 160, Store 112. We are close to the Plaza de Armas of Lima. You can place an order directly from our shop or order directly via email.

How to buy online?

You can make your order directly to our e-mail, and we will send you to a confirmation as soon as possible of the available stock and the total to pay.

Shipping to other cities of Peru?

Yes, we shipping all over Peru via Olva Courier, we will confirm the shipping cost when you order.

Do you make exports?

Yes, we export to all over the world. You can place your order via e-mail, indicating the quantity and selected codes, in addition to the destination city and zip code, we will receive your order and we will send you to a confirmation as soon as possible of the available stock and the total to pay (including shipping charges for Fedex Express). Angie Jewelry is responsible for the formalities required to perform satisfactorily the export.

What are the payment options?

To pay orders internet you can make a bank deposit or electronic transfer. In store, you can pay with cash.

What are the opening hours of attention?

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

What kind of precious metal used to manufacture the Jewelry?

All our silver jewelry are 925-950, there are a variety of finishes in our products, a matt, striped, sanded, burned, all maintain the quality that characterizes our products.